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Mayor Neeley calls for expanded effort to crack down on drag racers by taking their vehicles

FLINT, Michigan — Mayor Sheldon Neeley is leading a new effort to crack down on drag racing in the City of Flint by hitting speedsters where it hurts: Taking away their vehicles.

Mayor Neeley proposed new revisions to the city’s ordinances covering drag racing that would classify drag racing and other related dangerous activity as a public nuisance and allow Flint police to seize their vehicles, trailers and all other associated property supporting their high-speed habits.

“Our neighborhoods are being terrorized by these thrill seekers. They are breaking the law and endangering innocent bystanders’ lives,” Mayor Neeley said. “Let’s hit them where it hurts by taking away their instruments of terror. Let’s take away their cars.”

The ordinance has been put before Flint City Council for consideration. They delayed action on the measure Monday after some discussion to weaken the proposed penalties. Mayor Neeley urged them to act quickly to safeguard the community, even encouraging them to give the revised law immediate effect.

“This is reckless endangerment. We must act now to fight back and protect our neighborhoods,” Mayor Neeley said.

Under the proposed ordinance revisions, police would be authorized to impound and seize all property related to drag racing, including vehicles and trailers, and holding the vehicle owner liable. The property would be sold to allow the City of Flint to recover costs including towing and storage fees as well as the cost of maintaining the property and of prosecuting the case.

Any remaining balance or surplus would be deposited in the City of Flint’s general fund or as directed or ordered by the Court.