Mayor Neeley announces campaign to fight blight

FLINT, Michigan–Mayor Sheldon Neeley today (Jan. 30, 2020) launched a new campaign to help fight blight in the city of Flint. 

“The City of Flint will no longer be a dumping ground,” Mayor Neeley said. “We are increasing cleanups in the city and asking for residents’ help to catch these illegal dumpers that are scarring our neighborhoods.”

The Blight Elimination and Neighborhood Improvement office has completed 19 cleanups in the city since Mayor Neeley took office.

“Dumpers beware: We are ready, willing, and able to come after you in any and every way allowed under the law,” Neeley said.

Interim Police Chief Phil Hart said both Neighborhood Safety Officers, who can issue tickets to property owners for blight, and the full City of Flint Police Department is committed to stopping illegal dumping. Residents who witness dumping happening are asked to call 911.

Illegal dumping is punishable by 90 days in jail, a fine of $250 to $500, and impounding of the dumper’s vehicle. Violators also pay the cost of cleaning property and impoundment of their vehicle.

“Illegal dumping will not be tolerated,” Hart said.

Mayor Neeley asked for the entire community to come together to help fight blight. 

Under the supervision of Deputy Chief of Staff DurVal Murdock, the Blight Elimination and Neighborhood Improvement office is actively working to clean blighted properties. 

Residents can call (810) 237-2090 to report blight in their neighborhood, to request cleanups, and to volunteer to help cleanup a property.

The Blight Elimination and Neighborhood Improvement office also offers support to any community organizations that want to organize cleanups. It will provide all the cleanup supplies and a dumpster, delivered right to the cleanup site.

Murdock gave special thanks to the five neighborhood organizations that have organized cleanups through the Blight office since November.

“Let’s all come together to cleanup our community,” Mayor Neeley said. “Together, we will move our community forward.”

Bulk pickup also is offered at no cost through the services of Republic Waste. 

The city will continue to work through the Administrative Hearings Bureau with cooperative homeowners who are willing to cleanup their properties after being ticketed.