Mayor's Office

Mayor & Gov. Announce Updates on Water Situation

January 27, 2016– Flint, MI  Today Gov. Rick Snyder, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and others announced that a group of medical and field experts will work together to put in place long-term solutions to repair the current water situation in Flint. The group has been named the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee. The team is made up of 17 men and women including, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, City Administrator Natasha Henderson, Genesee County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jamie Curtis, Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards, Hurley Medical Center’s director of pediatric residency program Dr. Mona-Hanna Attisha and others.

Mayor Weaver said “Virginia Tech scientist Dr. Marc Edwards has been retained by the City of Flint to oversee all water testing done by the State and the Federal Government.” She added that Dr. Edwards is fully independent, will report to her and that his work will be funded by private donations.

Mayor Weaver also addressed the issue of water bills. “I have told Governor Snyder that Flint residents should not have to pay for water they did not and are not using. Therefore, he has set aside $3 million in his supplemental budget request to legislators to address the issue. There is more work to be done, once we have accurate numbers from the Flint Water Department we will revisit what is right for our citizens,” said Weaver.

“I appreciate the Feds stepping up, but that does not replace the State stepping up and providing the funds our residents need to fix this,” Weaver added.