Mayor's Office

Mayor Dayne Walling Response to MDEQ’s Admission of Fault in Flint’s Water Emergency

The following is a response from Mayor Dayne Walling regarding the MDEQ’s statement admitting fault in the Flint water emergency:

Today, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) acknowledges its leading role in the decision-making that led to the contamination of Flint’s drinking water. The people of Flint hear this admission and we demand that the State fully fix this problem they caused. While the State taking responsibility and the switch to Detroit water are steps in the right direction for Flint, actions speak louder than words. Now, the Governor and the State need to provide tens of millions of dollars to fix Flint’s water and infrastructure as well as to provide for the families, children and schools affected. I will continue to push for changes and advocate for our City until every drop of water is 100% safe.

The MDEQ assured Flint that the switch was being handled safely and responsibly.  We relied on the information from MDEQ, and clearly that information was wrong. My heart goes out to the children and families who are affected by this issue.

This morning our local Senator Jim Ananich said the following: “We do not know whether the misapplication of federal rules was intentional or due to negligence. That’s why the Legislature needs to have a robust role in any investigation, and in ensuring those responsible for Flint’s water crisis are held accountable.” I applaud Senator Ananich’s Statement and I urge the Governor and State Officials to take the necessary steps to ensure accountability so that this never happens again to any community.

-Mayor Dayne Walling