Mayor's Office

Mayor Dayne Walling Expresses Gratitude to State Legislature for Approval of Funding to Support Flint Water Needs

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling is expressing his gratitude to the Michigan Legislature for their quick response by approving a bill that provides over $9 million in funding for Flint.  Both the State House and the Senate voted unanimously to pass bill HB 4102 to allow for the City of Flint to temporarily reconnect to Detroit water.

“I would like to thank the legislature for taking swift and decisive action to come to the aid of the citizens of Flint in time when they need it most,” said Mayor Dayne Walling. “We can now move to secure a reconnection to Detroit and provide Lake Huron water until the KWA pipeline can be completed next year.”

In addition to the $6 million asked for by Governor Snyder, the legislature approved an additional $3.5 million for support services related to water, including in-home plumbing testing, health testing and services for those affected by lead and the provision and distribution of water for vulnerable individuals.