The City of Flint Legal Department handles Damage Claims for the City of Flint.

A claim can be considered only after it is filed in writing at the Office of the City Clerk.  Mailed forms must be delivered to:

Office of City Clerk
Flint City Hall
1101 S. Saginaw St., 2nd Floor
Flint, MI 48502

Upon receipt of the claim, the City Clerk will forward the claim to the Legal Department.


Standard Damage Claim Form – Any claim related to sewer overflow or backup or other damages.  Click here for form

Notice for all claims must be submitted within forty-five (45) days of the date the damage was discovered.


  • A description of your claim/damage
  • The date, time and exact location of the incident
  • The nature and extent of the injury, damage or claim so far as known.
  • The manner in which the injury, damage, or claim occurred
  • Names and addresses of any witnesses to the incident
  • Police report, if any
  • The amount of damages claimed.  Please provide an itemized list and total amount.
  • Photographs of any damage along with receipts
  • Estimates of any repair work.

For property damage cases, this would include estimates for repair (at least 2 estimates for automobile damage), evidence of the fair market value of the property, and evidence of the condition of the property immediately prior to the accident.

For proof of damages, attach receipts, photos, or written estimates.

Provide name, policy number and phone number of your insurance company.  Be sure your name, address, email address and telephone numbers are on your claim.  If applicable, please fill out an Affidavit of No Insurance Form.  (Click here for form)


NOTE:  The City is protected by governmental immunity unless an exception applies pursuant to MCL 691.1407(1).  There are six statutory exceptions to governmental immunity:

1)       The highway exception (MCL § 691.1402);

2)       The motor vehicle exception (MCL § 691.1405);

3)       The public building exception (MCL § 691.1406);

4)       The proprietary function exception (MCL § 691.1413);

5)       The government hospital exception (MCL § 691.1407); and

6)       The sewer exception (MCL 691.1417).

Damage caused by trees is not one of the six exceptions to governmental immunity.


The Legal Department will investigate your claim.  The Damage Claim Coordinator may request additional information from you to process your claim.  The City will notify you in writing regarding the resolution of your claim.

By filing a claim, you agree to allow the City or its agent to inspect your property and investigate the nature of your claim.  Unreasonable refusal of such inspection or investigation will be grounds for denial of your claim.