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Flint’s Recommended Future Water Sources:

  • Primary – Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA)
  • Back-up/Emergency – Genesee County Drain Commissioner (GCDC)

Project Plan

  • City of Flint acquires 72-inch pipeline from GCDC to maintain access to GLWA finished water. Flow continues through this pipeline as Flint’s primary, long-term supply.
  • GCDC reinforces their distribution system to replace the hydraulic capacity lost by sale of the 72-inch pipeline. This work needs to be completed before exclusive use of the 72-inch pipeline by Flint commences.
  • GCDC makes improvements to their distribution system to provide an independent back-up water source for Flint (northern route). This interconnection with the Flint system will be capable of providing average-day flows and requires a continuous flow of approximately 0.5 MGD to maintain water quality.
  • GLWA becomes Flint’s primary provider and assumes Flint’s benefits and obligations with respect to the KWA, including associated bond obligation. This position gives GLWA access to 18MGD of Lake Huron water that can be treated at the GCDC plant and then distributed to GLWA customers.
  • Agreements between all parties (Flint, GCDC, GLWA and KWA) need to be developed to facilitate the activities above.

Regional Benefits

City of Flint:

  • Preferred public health option since switching of water sources is not required
  • Lowest cost water source solution
  • Allows Federal funds (through the DWRF program) to be spent on Flint’s deteriorated distribution system rather than a treatment plant renovation
  • Returns the valuable 72-inch pipeline asset to the City of Flint
  • Eliminates Flint’s current 28 year, $7.02M KWA bond obligation
  • Quickest implementation time of any of the water source alternatives
  • As a contract GLWA customer, Flint will benefit from GLWA’s model contract, which allows for immediate cost savings
  • As a contract GLWA customer, Flint’s customers can participate in GLWA’s low income assistance program (WRAP)
  • GLWA’s future increase in annual revenue requirements controlled at 4% by the MOU created by GLWA.


  • Provides significant reinforcement to the GCDC distribution system
  • Adds Flint/GLWA as a customer (directly or indirectly) through the back-up water source interconnection with Flint
  • Adds GLWA as a potential revenue source through the treatment of GLWA’s KWA allocation
  • Adds system reliability through a mutual-aid agreement with GLWA
  • Adds possible future collaboration with GLWA through back-up water sales


  • Reduces the revenue loss associated with the loss of Flint as a wholesale customer
  • Avoids capital projects that are required to maintain water quality to other GLWA customers if Flint were to terminate service from GLWA
  • Provides flexibility in supplying GLWA’s regional wholesale customers
  • Adds system reliability through a mutual-aid agreement with GCDC
  • Provides a valuable raw water resource (KWA)
  • Adds possible future collaboration through back-up sales

KWA gains access to a strong financial and operational partner (GLWA)

USEPA and MDEQ are provided with a water source solution that delivers optimal public health protection (no switching of water sources in the future)

This water source solution is consistent with the State of Michigan’s strategy which promotes cost-effective regional/partnership approaches to water supply.


Statement of Principals: Flint Water Source Recommendation – Statement of Principles

Recent News on GLWA’s Wrap Program which would provide financial assistance to eligible Flint water customers: GLWA Board Approves $1.7M WRAP Reallocation_FINAL – 04282017