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Hillary Clinton Visits Flint

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton took time away from the campaign trail to learn firsthand about the water situation in Flint, Michigan and the residents who have been affected. The former first lady and U.S. Secretary of State met with Flint Mayor Karen Weaver, pastors, residents and other City officials Sunday, February 7, 2016.

While in Flint, Clinton spoke with local mothers who shared stories of how the water crisis has affected them, their families and what they want leaders to do about it. Clinton then spoke to a crowd of hundreds at a community meeting at House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church.

Clinton told the audience, “This is a personal commitment. I will stand with you. I will do everything I can to help. I won’t forget about you and your children.”

The ongoing water crisis, and Mayor Weaver’s bold actions since taking office in November, has put the City of Flint in the national spotlight. During her trip, Clinton urged the Senate to approve the Senate Democrats’ $600 million amendment to help the City of Flint.

Mayor Weaver said, “Secretary Clinton is the only presidential candidate that has reached out personally to show her support for the City of Flint as it tries to recover from this man-made disaster.”

At a recent Democratic presidential debate, Clinton described the water situation in Flint as an emergency and called for immediate action to fix Flint’s water infrastructure as well as long-term health and educational support for the children affected by consuming water tainted with lead.

When asked for her reaction to Clinton’s visit Sunday Mayor Weaver said, “She has been looking out for Flint and putting action behind her words. When you have somebody like that fighting for you, you can’t ask for much more. Seeing Clinton here and the attention she’s bringing to Flint has given people hope. We appreciate her support.”