Flint, MI — January 4, 2016 – During their first board meeting of the year, Monday morning, Genesee County Commissioners declared a state of emergency in Genesee County. The move a sign that county leaders support Flint Mayor Dr. Karen Weaver and her efforts to get resources and relief to residents suffering from the ongoing water situation in the city.

Mayor Weaver declared a state of emergency in Flint last month to raise awareness about the severity of the problems surrounding the water situation that continues to effect residents. The problems a result of the man-made disaster caused by the City switching to the Flint River as a water source in 2014.

Following the board’s vote today, Genesee County Commission Chairperson, Jaime Curtis said, “This is a state, man-made disaster and we’re going to ask the state to fix their disaster. Curtis said, Genesee County is the fifth largest county in Michigan and “we will not be ignored”.

Mayor Weaver hopes the county’s show of support will convince the Governor to provide the City of Flint with financial support to help leaders address immediate infrastructure needs. Those needs include more than $45 million to replace every identified lead pipe in the city, reimbursement of the $2 million spent to switch back to the Detroit Water Sewerage Department, $6 million to help with the transfer to the Karegnondi pipeline and additional resources to support the city’s Heath Initiative to assist affected adults and children in Flint who have consumed water contaminated with lead.

In an interview with media after the board’s emergency declaration Mayor Weaver said, “It’s a victory and a step in the right direction.” The mayor plans to meet with Governor Snyder in Lansing Thursday of this week to discuss the state’s response and next steps.