Mayor's Office

Flint’s New Police and Fire Chiefs Officially Sworn In

At a special Receivership Transition Advisory Board meeting Friday, requested by Mayor Weaver earlier this week, members of the board unanimously approved the job descriptions and salaries of the Mayor’s appointees for Flint’s new police and fire chiefs. Monday, the City Council supported Mayor Weaver’s selection of Tim Johnson for Chief of Police and Raymond Barton for Fire Chief.

Both have decades of experience in their respective fields working in the City of Flint. Barton has already served 27 years with the Flint Fire Department.

“I served as Safety Training Officer and Assistant Chief. I was responsible for putting together budgets and other duties of the chief,” said Barton.

Johnson has held several positions in local law enforcement, including deputy chief of police. He’s also a local business owner and says he wants to give back.

“This city has truly been a blessing to me. I feel I owe this city. There are some things we need to do to bring this city back,” Johnson commented.

After the board members voted, the chiefs were officially sworn in. Mayor Weaver says this as another positive step for the City of Flint.

“I was glad to get the support of the RTAB. They are helping provide the tools needed to be effective and do the job I was elected to do. I hope this will help boost morale in the city. This is a sign of strong local government,” said Weaver.