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Flint Police Padlock Liquor Store After Numerous Reports of Criminal Activity

August 24, 2016 (Flint, Mich) — After recent reports of shootings, illegal drug and gun activity around and in the parking lot of Liquor Plus Mini Mart on the northside of Flint, police Chief Tim Johnson said enough is enough.

“This type of activity will not be tolerated on my watch,” said Chief Johnson.

Johnson went to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton to request approval to shut down the store. Tuesday, the chief informed members of Mayor Weaver’s administration that Leyton had granted his request for a temporary restraining order. Not wanting to leave the store open another night, Chief Johnson rallied together officers from the Flint Police Department and they went to the store to padlock the front door.

As the officers carried out the mission neighbors, and some drivers, stopped to watch. One woman shouted, “I hope they shut that store down.” Another person yelled, “Thank you Jesus”! It was obvious that they felt the store had become a problem in the community, and they were relieved to see something being done about it.