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Flint Police launch special recruitment effort

FLINT, Michigan—The City of Flint Police Department is now hiring and kicking off an intense one-week recruiting effort to encourage local residents who have always dreamed of a career in law enforcement to join them. 

The City of Flint is looking to fill at least 14 long-vacant police officer positions within the department. Full-time and part-time positions are available with competitive pay, a full benefits package, and retirement plans for already certified police officers. 

There is a special opportunity right now for individuals to join the police force who are new to law enforcement. These new recruits who apply by July 31, 2020, have the opportunity to go to the police academy this fall and immediately begin building their careers.

For new recruits, the City of Flint covers tuition and fees for their enrollment in the police academy at Mott Community College, where they will earn their police certification. They will be paid a salary for the four months they are enrolled in the academy and guaranteed a job with the Flint Police Department upon graduation, where they also will receive additional training.

For all of the complete job descriptions for full-time officer, part-time officer and new recruit — and to apply — please go to

The City is actively promoting these job opportunities to local residents through a series of advertisements built around “Flint born. Flint proud.” The ads all feature members of the Flint Police Department who were born and raised in the City of Flint. It includes representation from throughout the Police Department including high ranking officers, members of the Detective Bureau and patrol officers. 

Flint Police Chief Phil Hart started his own career in law enforcement by attending the Flint Police Academy. Also born in Flint and a resident of Flint for the last 30 years, Chief Hart encouraged residents to apply.

“Becoming a Flint Police officer is a great career opportunity. If you are Flint born and Flint proud, you are ideally suited to serve and protect our community,” Chief Hart said. 

Because of uncertainty due to COVID-19, the date of the policy academy was only recently confirmed, which has resulted in a short application period. Mayor Sheldon Neeley is working with members of the clergy to promote this career opportunity to residents in the City of Flint. All places of worship are encouraged to participate by sharing information on the job opportunities with their members. 

A Flint Police officer can earn up to $29.50 per hour plus overtime. Plus they have the opportunity to advance their career and increase their pay scale by joining the command staff. All police officers are also provided a full benefits package including annual step-pay increases for eight years, health insurance, vacation time, and retirement planning. 

The new recruitment effort is part of a three-point plan to help combat crime announced by Mayor Neeley earlier this week. It also includes formation of a new Special Investigative Unit and the planned launch of a gun buyback program. In June, Mayor Neeley also announced renewed partnerships with area agencies including the Michigan State Police, University of Michigan-Flint Public Safety, and Mott Community College Police to step up patrols in the community.

“This is a community of champions. I look forward to meeting the next class of police academy graduates who commit themselves to serving our community. Together we are stronger,” Mayor Neeley said.

Below are images of some of the ads being used as part of the special recruitment effort. All officers pictures are from Flint and represent graduates of every Flint High School. We welcome sharing of these images.