Mayor's Office

Flint Police Launch Project C.A.T.T. EYE

  (Flint, MI)– Mayor Karen Weaver stood with Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson and members of the Flint Police Department Thursday, to announce the launch of Project C.A.T.T. EYE.

“C.A.T.T. stands for Crime Area Target Team which consists of a dedicated group of officers who target high crime areas in the City of Flint,” said Detective Tyrone Booth. “Project C.A.T.T. EYE is the first public-private-community partnership of its kind in the City of Flint.”

Five local businesses have joined forces with the Flint Police Department to have high definition surveillance cameras installed. The video feeds will be monitored 24 hours a day by police officers assigned to a new Intelligence Center at Flint Police Headquarters. Rob Spangler owns McDonald’s restaurants in Flint and has signed on to be part of the project.

“I’ve heard about these systems in other cities,” said Spangler. I applaud the mayor and police chief for bringing it to Flint. Anytime you can raise the level of security in your business, it is well worth the investment.”

The project design consists of real-time crime fighting and community policing aimed at improving quality of life, neighborhood safety, community revitalization and economic growth. Project C.A.T.T. EYE will assist Flint police in their efforts to deter, identify, and solve crime.

“This is evidence of the innovative efforts underway to increase pubic safety in the city of Flint,” said Mayor Weaver. “I hope the community will take note of all the advancements being made in both the Flint police and fire departments. We are working hard to make Flint a safer place, and this is yet another example of that.”

“This is going to be huge for Flint,” said Chief Johnson. “This is just the beginning of our efforts to use technology to help fight crime in this city.”

Signs and decals will be posted around Flint businesses that are part of Project C.A.T.T. EYE.

“This is an opportunity for business owners to project their business, their customers as well as their staff,” said Booth. “Police will be watching these video feeds 24-7. If a crime occurs at or around these businesses we will be able to refer back to the feeds to identify suspects, get license plate numbers and so forth. The more businesses that sign on, the more cameras we’ll have around the city.”

Business owners interested in joining Project C.A.T.T. EYE should contact Lt. Todd Pillsbury at (810) 237-6898.