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Chief Johnson Addresses Police Response Times, Gives Look Inside New Intelligence Operations Center

(FLINT, Mich)– In September of 2017, the City of Flint Police Department’s response times became widely publicized in the local media. Officials were already aware of the issue and continue to work diligently to improve it.

Reports show in January of 2017, the average response time to priority one calls was approximately 21 minutes. By July of 2017, that average response time had risen to approximately 58 minutes. Officials say the principle solution to reduce police response time is additional staffing and manpower.

“The current staffing issues the Flint Police Department is facing is also well known,” stated Deputy Chief Devon Bernritter. “The effect of the loss of hundreds of police positions over the last several years is clearly observable in our response times. We have already, and will continue to request more officers for the City of Flint Police Department. However to date, these requests have not been fulfilled.”

In an effort to combat the trend of longer response times, Flint Police has established an Intelligence Operations Center. The goal of the center is to analyze crime trends in the city and assist administrators with the allocation of our existing resources. Using these new tactics, Flint Poice has already reduced response time from 58 minutes in July, to 24 minutes during the most recent response time review (October 1 through October 26, 2017).

“This center and this technology will help us keep citizens safer and more secure,” said Police Chief Tim Johnson.

Officials anticipate the Intelligence Operations Center will be fully functional in the next few weeks.

“I am happy to have these tools in place to help our police department,” said Mayor Weaver. “But nothing is better than people. Our ultimately goal is to get more officers on the streets of Flint and to do more community policing in partnership with residents.”