Mayor's Office

Flint Police Chief Announces Staff Promotions within Police Department

FLINT, Mich. — Flint Police Chief Timothy Johnson, with the support of Mayor Karen Weaver, announced Friday the promotions of two deserving individuals. After serving the Flint Police Department for 22 years, Devon Bernritter has been promoted from Captain to Deputy Chief. Sondra Taylor, formerly a Lieutenant who has been with the department for 20 years, has been promoted to Captain.

“I am pleased to promote these two highly qualified individuals to the upper command staff within our department,” said Chief Johnson. “The Flint Police Department has been without a deputy chief for years, and filling this position will help our operation run much more efficiently as we strive to provide innovative and reliable public safety services to the Flint community. We all take pride in serving this city and want to serve in the best possible way we can. As chief, I fully stand behind my command staff and the men and woman committed to fulfilling their duty to protect and serve the people of Flint on a daily basis.”