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Flint Mayor Weaver Urges EPA Officials to Act After State Cancels FWICC Meeting

May 17, 2017 (FLINT, Mich) — Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement today, nearly a month after State of Michigan officials abruptly canceled the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee (FWICC) meeting. The regularly scheduled FWICC meeting was formed as a result of the USEPA Emergency Administrative Order, which both the City and State are required to comply with. The purpose of the meeting is for City and State officials, along with experts and community leaders, to help with Flint’s recovery by providing input on how to improve the City’s water system after the man-made water disaster:

“I am concerned that we haven’t received a response from USEPA or MDEQ leaders, now three weeks after I contacted Director Korleski, informing him of the situation and asking him to intervene. This is a very serious matter and we need help from the EPA to ensure that progress continues to be made in Flint. City officials spoke with EPA and MDEQ officials yesterday asking for an update on the matter. EPA officials told us they were still reviewing our request. The silence and lack of action is appalling. It seems like a repeat of the inaction EPA officials displayed when the water crisis first began. I hope they realize what all is at stake, and the urgency of this situation, and will act soon.”