Flint Mayor Weaver Receives Response from EPA Officials Regarding State’s Cancellation of Water Recovery Meeting

May 18, 2018, (FLINT, Mich) — Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement today, after receiving a letter from Mr. Korleski, Water Division Director of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The letter was sent after Mayor Weaver contacted Korleski asking the EPA to intervene after state officials abruptly canceled the Flint Water Interagency Coordinating Committee (FWICC) meeting, which both City and State officials are required to comply with under the USEPA Emergency Administrative Order. The purpose of the meeting is for City and State officials, along with experts and community leaders, to help with Flint’s recovery by providing input on how to improve the City’s water system after the man-made water disaster:

“I am glad to have received the response from Mr. Korleski, and am pleased that he appears to agree with me and my administration that the FWICC meeting is key to the City’s ongoing recovery and that despite the differences between City and State officials, this meeting should not be stopped. There are still questions that city staff and residents are waiting to be answered regarding the status of our water quality, especially given the sudden end of state-funded bottled water. Moreover, the FWICC meeting is necessary and the Administrative Order requires our participation. My team and I look forward to working with all parties involved to determine how best to ensure that this water recovery meeting resumes as soon as possible.”

Letter to Mayor Weaver from USEPA Director Korleski 5.18.2018