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Mayor's Office

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and Operation Hydration to Hold a Citywide Water Distribution


FLINT, Mich.  Mayor Weaver in partnership with Operation Hydration/Durty Burbz Truck club announced a citywide water giveaway will take place on Saturday, February 16, 2019, for residents in need of bottled water.

Operation Hydration is a clean water initiative of the Durty Burbz Truck Club, in collaboration with The Conner C. Vernon Fdn, Inc., Self-Made Car &Truck Club, Certified Panther Ryderz and a host of other truck clubs from southern states.  The groups have committed to deploying a rolling pipe line of water to Flint City Hall, in hopes of offering relief to residents.

“I am glad that Flint is still important to the country, having these groups from all over the southern states bring water is encouraging,” said Mayor Weaver. “As we continue to change pipes, residents should continue to use bottled and filtered water. A giveaway on a Saturday will help residents who have a hard time getting water during the week.”

The giveaway is in direct response to the water crisis, members of the truck club hope that this brings relief to residents.

“Residents of Flint should find comfort in knowing that their health and well-being are still on the minds of communities near and far,” said Christopher Vermon, Spokesperson for the Durty Burbz Truck Club.

The giveaway is scheduled to take place from 4pm-6pm at Flint City Hall. Residents will not be permitted to line up early, all are asked to come at 4pm.