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Flint Fire Department Begins “Knock and Speak” Door to Door Neighborhood Engagement Program

Members of the Flint Fire Department have begun going door to door in Flint neighborhoods in order to engage residents about fire safety. The “Knock and Speak” program being implemented by Fire Chief David Cox, Jr. is aimed at strengthening his department’s tied within the community through personal interaction between firefighters and residents. During each visit, firefighters will provide residents with information on the department’s role, fire safety in the home and how to report arson. Today, May 13, Firefighters from Station #6 on W. Pierson Rd. took to the neighborhoods near the station to spread their message.

Flint Firefighters from Station #6 take the department's message to the neighborhoods.
Flint Firefighters from Station #6 take the department’s message to the neighborhoods.

In addition to providing information, firefighters want residents to share thoughts on Flint Fire and what could be done to improve the services they provide. “We want to hear from people in the neighborhoods and find out what is important to them,” said Chief Cox. “We also want them to feel comfortable talking to us, calling us to express their concerns and sharing information. Our department works for them, after all, and they in turn can help us do a better job.”  Flint Fire will be conducting the “Knock and Speak” in city neighborhoods throughout the summer. More information on the Flint Fire Department and fire safety can be found here.