Flint City Hall Operating Under Heightened Security as a Precaution Wednesday 6-21-17

FLINT, Mich. — Authorities have informed Mayor Karen Weaver that a significant security event occurred Wednesday morning at Flint’s Bishop International Airport. Officials say a person of interest in the incident is in custody.

In an abundance of caution, the Flint police chief has stationed police officers around the Flint City Hall complex until further notice. At this time Flint City Hall remains open for business, but with heightened security.

“Right now we are still awaiting more information about the situation at Bishop Airport this morning,” said Mayor Weaver. “My thoughts and prayers are with all of our law enforcement officers who work to service and protect us each and every day. I want the public to know that several agencies are involved and working to ensure the situation is under control. However, at this time we are taking extra precautions just to be safe.”