Flint City Hall offers new convenient parking option for seniors 

FLINT, Michigan — Mayor Sheldon Neeley has ordered that two parking spots along Saginaw Street be reserved for seniors making quick trips to Flint City Hall. The Senior Citizen Express Parking option offers free parking for up to 30 minutes. 

Located just north of handicapped parking spots in front of City Hall, the Senior Citizen Express Parking spots are installed and operational. Mayor Neeley worked with the Flint Downtown Development Authority to develop the parking option in response to resident concerns. 

“We must do right by our seniors and make it as convenient as possible for them to conduct city business,” Mayor Neeley said. “This administration will continue working to make government work better and more efficiently for our residents.” 

In addition to the new Senior Citizen Express Parking, the DDA also will be installing new signs to better identify free parking options for visitors to Flint City Hall. At City Hall, only the spots on Saginaw Street have meters. Visitors can park for free on both 5th and 7th streets as well as in the lot off 7th Street near the back entrance to City Hall. 

“We are always working to make coming to downtown as easy and as convenient as possible,” DDA executive director Gerard Burnash said. 

It is one in a series of adjustments the Downtown Development Authority has made to the system to better serve the community since its installation last year. 

  • City Council extended the city’s time limit for parking in metered spots from 2 hours to 4 hours last month. 
  • The DDA has added its phone number to the screens on all meters to answer questions and concerns.
  • The DDA created a 50-second video to help explain how to use the meters. It is available here.
  • The DDA soon will be adding signage around City Hall to better identify free parking areas. 

For questions on parking, contact the Flint Downtown Development Authority at 810-767-2297 or visit their offices located at 502 Church St. in Flint.  All parking meters also display this number for users to contact with any questions or concerns.