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Mayor's Office

Flint City Crews Ahead of Snow Removal Schedule

FLINT, Mich. — Mayor Karen Weaver and Flint’s Director of Public Works, Rob Bincsik, want to commend City crews for their ongoing efforts to clear the streets in Flint after several days of snowfall.

“Crews worked through the night to keep up with all the snow we’ve gotten since Friday,” said Bincsik. “We’ve had four separate snow events over the last few days and it has taken a toll on personnel and our equipment, but workers are still getting the job done.”

Workers in multiple departments sacrificed their weekend and time off trying to keep up with the snowfall. Officials say crews have made great progress, and they are still working to clear snow and ice off the streets of Flint.

“We are ahead of schedule according to the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan,” stated Betty Wideman, Flint’s Interim Director of Transportation. “We had to secure help from workers in the water and sewer departments, and with everyone working together we were able to get trucks into the residential areas at the same time crews were still trying to clear the major roadways.”

When winter weather hits, officials use the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan as a guide for removing snow and ice. The plan states that crews have 24 hours from the time a storm ends to start work in residential areas.

“As of early Monday, we were in the last two maps for areas that hadn’t been touched. There are 20 residential maps overall,” explained Wideman.

She says some crews have already begun the “clean-up” process.

“Now some crews are working to clear the snow and ice along curbs, wind rows at the end of the streets, and anything that may have been missed,” Wideman said. “We are also going back into the areas that were done early Saturday since they were covered again from all the snow that fell Sunday.”

“Our crews are doing a good job,” said Mayor Weaver. “Especially in extreme circumstances like this, it would be great to have more workers and more equipment, but that’s just not the case. With all the snow we’ve had, and the number of people we have out there working to clear the roads, they are doing great and we know they won’t stop until the job is done.”

City of Flint crews are responsible for plowing and salting roadways and streets around Flint. The Genesee County Road Commission is responsible for maintaining highways and interstates that run through the City, including I-69, I-75 and I-475.