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Flint City Council to Hold Departmental Budget Hearings in April 2021

Members of the Flint City Council will hold Departmental Budget Hearings for the FY2021-FY2022 and FY2022-FY2023 biennial budget over four days in April.

According to City Council Finance Department Chairman Santino Guerra, the hearings will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., via Electronic Public Meeting, on the following dates:

Monday, April 5 will be for General Budget, Finance, Payroll, Purchasing, Information Technology, Treasury, Customer Service and Assessments.

The Police Department, Fire Department, City Attorney’s Office, Mayor’s Office and Administration will meet on Wednesday, April 14.

Monday, April 19 will be for Planning and Development, Zoning, Business Services, Blight, Community and Economic Development, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Office of the Ombudsperson, City Clerk and City Council.

Meeting on Wednesday, April 28 will be the Department of Public Works, Sanitation, Transportation, Street Maintenance, Water Treatment Plant, Water Pollution Control and Water Service Center.

The two-year proposed budget can be viewed online at https://www.cityofflint. com/finance/financial-reports.

The schedule of Departmental Budget Hearings can be found here.

To listen to the hearings, dial Start Meeting Solution at (617) 944-8177. To live stream the hearings, click on UCp2cWTuocUM3awu4xXWxwaw.

For questions or concerns or for additional information, contact the City Council office at (810) 766-7418.