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Flint City Council Approves Mayor’s Picks for New Police and Fire Chief

2016-02-22 21.56.35February 22, 2016 (Flint, MI) In a room packed with hundreds of residents Monday night, Flint City Council voted to support Mayor Weaver’s appointments for the new leaders of the Flint Police and Fire Departments.

Timothy Johnson, the Mayor’s choice for police chief, is a retired deputy chief who has worked with the Flint Police Department and has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience. He received a six-three vote of approval by council.

Before the vote, one council member expressed her reservations about the choice saying she didn’t know much about Mr. Johnson. When Johnson was asked to approach the microphone to speak on his behalf, dozens of residents and Flint police officers, including the president of the police union, followed him to the podium showing they were familiar with him, his work and experience and were in favor of him being their new leader.

“It was an extremely good feeling,” Johnson later commented. “I knew I had the support of the citizens. They will be proud of the police service they are about to get. I’m used to working with less,” said Johnson.

Raymond Barton, Mayor Weaver’s choice to be the new fire chief in Flint, was approved by city council with a vote of eight to one. Barton, a Flint native, retired from the Flint Fire Department after decades of service. During his time with the department he served as assistant fire chief.

“I feel good. It shows the work I did in my 27 year career with the Flint Fire Department didn’t go unnoticed,” said Barton.

Mayor Karen Weaver was pleased to have the council’s support for these important positions involving public safety.

“It’s always best when we’re making decisions for us, about us,” Weaver said.

Flint’s Receivership Transition Advisory Board (RTAB) must now approve the appointments.