Flint CFO Expresses Concern over Budget Approved by City Council

FLINT, Mich. — Mayor Karen Weaver’s Chief Financial Officer, Hughey Newsome, issued the following statement today, regarding the amended budget Flint City Council approved yesterday evening.

“As Chief Financial Officer for Flint, I have expressed my concerns to Council regarding the additions they made to the budget, before they were approved by the board,” said Hughey Newsome. “While we are going to great lengths to secure much needed revenue to sustain City operations, the council is spending money that doesn’t need to be spent. With this being the first budget the Council will adopt upon the return to home rule, it is troubling to see such a large amount of money taken away from the operating budget of departments that serve the residents, in order to fund additional wages and benefits to those associated with the office of City Council.”

Budget amendments added by City Council to Mayor Weaver’s proposed budget include:
– Pay increase of $20,000 to City Clerk
– Addition of Deputy Clerk position
– Addition of Parliamentarian position
– Full health benefits for part-time employees

“I have advised the Mayor of my extreme concern over the Council’s actions,” said Newsome. “The risk these added costs could pose on the City’s budget is not in the best interest of the City nor the citizens of Flint.”

“I was very proud of the budget my administration sent to City Council,” said Mayor Weaver. “Heads of each department made sacrifices, understanding the financial constraints the city is working under. Because of the sacrifices they made, we were able to present a balanced budget to Council, while maintaining current staff levels across the board, with public safety remaining a top priority. It is disappointing and concerning that City Council amended that budget, adding to it benefits, pay raises and additional positions that aren’t absolutely essential, that we aren’t sure the City can even afford.”