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Fall Fire Hydrant Flushing Ongoing as Part of Water System Winterization

Updated Maps: Week Ending November 13, 2015

The City of Flint’s Water Service Center will be conducting fall fire hydrant flushing throughout the city as part of its winterization program. Residents may see discoloration in their water during any type of hydrant use, including flushing and fire usage, but this is normal. Running cold water from a faucet nearest the water meter for a few minutes will clear the line.

Hydrant flushing is a part of regular maintenance designed to enhance the circulation of water in the system.  For that reason this year’s fall hydrant flushing will also help to better facilitate the temporary switch back to water provided by the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA), formerly Detroit Water and Sewerage (DWSD). This activity is expected to continue throughout the fall in various parts of the City and will have no effect on water usage by residents and businesses.

Water distribution systems commonly flush hydrants in autumn in an effort to reduce retention times within the system and to reduce the likelihood of malfunction during the winter.  This season the flushing will help to clear the system of treated water from the Flint River and will accelerate the introduction of water provided by the GLWA. Residents in the areas where flushing is taking place should expect to see activity by City crews and signs marking open hydrants.

“If you see a hydrant with a barricade on it, know that we are aware of it running and it’s part of the normal safe operation of a large municipal drinking water system,” said Utilities Administrator Mike Glasgow. Residents with questions or concerns about the hydrant flushing in their area can call the Water Service Center at 810-766-7202. Continuing information on water will be provided via the City of Flint’s website, A map list of where hydrant flushing will take place can be found here:

FALL 2015 Fire Hydrant Flushing Maps