Mayor's Office

FACT SHEET: City of Flint’s Fight Blight team

• The City of Flint is dramatically increasing the number of blight cleanups in the City of Flint. 

• We are seeing roughly the same number of blight complaints as previous years, but our cleanup efforts have increased 40 percent. 

• Even while dealing with significant setbacks because of COVID-19, the City of Flint has spearheaded 104 cleanups under the Neeley administration. 

• All those cleanups means our Fight Blight team and volunteers have hauled an estimated 760,000 pounds (That’s 380 TONS) of blight out of our neighborhoods so far this year. 

• Mayor Neeley is expanding the Fight Blight team and continuing to keep this initiative at the forefront of his administration.

• The City of Flint also supports neighborhood organizations and community groups by providing free dumpsters and supplies for their cleanup efforts. 

• Residents can report blight (or request support for a planned cleanup) by calling 810-237-2090, emailing [email protected]. More information and an online reporting form also are available at

Updated June 24, 2020