EPA Approves Flint’s Plan for Infrastructure Improvement

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FLINT, MI- The United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has approved the Project Plan submitted by the City of Flint, Michigan to make improvements to lead service lines and improve water infrastructure in the City of Flint, Michigan.

An award of $100,000,000 is an amended amount from the March 17, 2017 award and allows for additional projects to be completed through the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN). This amount, in addition to the $20,000,000 in required state match, will allow the completion of projects on the City’s Supplemental Project Priority List.

Projects include: Service line replacement; Secondary water source; Dort & Cedar storage/pumping; Chemical feed building; Northwest transmission main; Water main replacement; Water meter replacement; Water quality monitoring; Service line replacement and Local Assistance/Capacity Development.

“I am pleased that the EPA has approved the necessary funds to implement the plan to restore infrastructure to bring about better water quality and quality of life for Flint residents. This award is a step in the right direction to help Flint recover from decisions made that ultimately created the Flint Water Crisis” – Mayor Weaver

Several of these projects have a 2019 construction start date.