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Efforts Continue to Provide Safe Water Resources in Flint



1,020 Homes Visited Today by Water Response Teams

January 27, 2016– Flint, Mich. – Water response teams comprised of 109 city, county and state personnel, American Red Cross and volunteers continued door-to-door delivery efforts today visiting 1,020 homes. These teams are canvassing the city providing free bottled water, filters, water replacement cartridges and water testing kits to Flint homes not yet identified as having a water filter.

As part of the distribution process, residents seeking water filters and replacement cartridges are asked to share their address. This data is being collected and mapped in real-time to assist with long-term recovery and help water response teams know where to focus their door-to-door efforts. It is important to note that no resident will be denied resources if an address is not provided, and a photo identification is not required.

Since Jan. 9, 2016, the following resources have been distributed to residents, both at the water resource sites and by water response teams:

196,456 cases of water

95,417 water filters

30,255 water testing kits

In addition to water response teams, water resource sites remain open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and are located at:

Fire Station #1 (also a recycling site)

310 East 5th St.

Fire Station #3

1525 Martin Luther King Ave.

Fire Station #5 (also a recycling site)

3402 Western Rd.

Fire Station #6

716 West Pierson Rd.

Fire Station #8 (also a recycling site)

202 East Atherton Rd.

All water filters distributed by the State of Michigan are certified by NSF International for lead reduction. Individuals wishing to verify that a specific filter is NSF-certified can do so via the NSF website.

The State of Michigan continues to coordinate response efforts in partnership with the city of Flint, Genesee County and local community organizations.

Additional information is available at, by calling 211 or visiting