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Filing a Damage Claim

Damage Claims

If you believe that the City of Flint is liable for damage to your property, you may use this form to submit your damage claim. Be advised that most damage claims are denied under Michigan’s governmental immunity laws, MCL 691.1401 et seq. The City of Flint’s Law Department works with other City departments to investigate and respond to all damage claims received.

Only the following types of damage claims may be submitted using this form:

Street/Sidewalk Claims – Injuries/damages resulting from the City’s failure to maintain streets & sidewalks over which it has jurisdiction.
City Building Claims – Injuries/damages resulting from a defective condition in a City building.
City Vehicle Claims – Injuries/damages resulting from the negligent operation of a City-owned vehicle by a City employee.
Sewage Disposal Event Claims – Injuries/damages resulting from a defect in the City’s sewer disposal system.

If your claim satisfies all requirements to fall within an exception to Michigan’s governmental immunity laws, the City of Flint may offer payment to settle your claims. A damage claim against the City will only be considered for that portion not otherwise covered by insurance. You must first seek recovery against any and all applicable insurance policies that you have, and the failure to have insurance coverage may result in the denial of your damage claim.

How to submit a claim

To submit your damage claim, download the form above and fill it out as completely as possible. You are encouraged to attach supporting documentation such as receipts or photos. Do not submit original documents.

While notarization is not required to submit a claim, you are encouraged to do so since any claim recommended for payment after the review process must be notarized, and the claimant must attest that the information provided is true and complete. False statements under oath are a crime under §31-47 of the Flint Code of Ordinances.

Sign and date the attestation at the end, and then drop off, mail, or email a scanned copy of the filled out and signed form (along with any attached supporting documents) to:

City of Flint Law Department
1101 S. Saginaw St.
3rd Floor, City Hall 48502
[email protected]

Based on the information provided, City staff will investigate your claim and determine whether any offer of payment will be made, and, if so, in what amount. An offer of payment is not an admission that the City is liable to the claimant.