Court’s Ruling Allows City to Move Forward with Restoration

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Flint, MI– Late Friday afternoon, Judge Behm ruled in favor of the City and denied a request by Goyette Mechanical Company, Inc. for a temporary restraining order against the City of Flint.

Early Friday afternoon, Goyette filed suit and asked the Court to prevent the City from re-bidding the Phase VI restoration contracts.  The Court denied Goyette’s request and found that Goyette’s chance of success on the merits was low and that the public interest would be served by advancing the process of re-bidding the Phase VI restoration contracts.

“The City is committed to completing the restoration work, and all service line replacement work, for the FAST Start project this year,” stated Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver.

City Attorney Angela Wheeler still has hope that the City and Goyette can continue to work together to restore safe, clean drinking water to Flint residents.

“While Goyette’s overall lawsuit remains pending, we hope that they will dismiss this meritless lawsuit and move forward with us in the best interests of the residents of Flint,” said Wheeler.