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City Officials Announce Completion of Climbing for Life Safety Initiative

(Flint, MI)– Mayor Karen Weaver and Chief Ray Barton would like to announce that the City of Flint Fire Department has completed its Climbing for Life Safety Initiative. The campaign was made possible through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). A total of five training sessions were held throughout the City of Flint to provide residents with two-story escape ladders, instruct them on how to use the ladders properly and how to develop an esape plan for their home.

A total of 243 residents attended the training sessions and 202 escape ladders were distributed. Firefighters have installed 358 smoke alarms in homes throughout the community during this campaign. But, the fire chief wants residents to know that smoke alarms will continue to be made available to residents until all of the grant funded smoke alarms have been installed in residents’ homes.

“Firefighters will continue to canvas neighborhoods and residents can contact the Flint Fire Department and the American Red Cross to have your smoke alarms tested and or have smoke alarms installed,” said Chief Barton. “We are working to do everything we can to make this community safer and we thank the residents for taking advantage of these valuable, and potentially life-saving resources.”

Special Thanks to our Partners:
Habitat for Humanity-Flint River
First Alert
American Red Cross
Hasselbring Community Center
Brennan Community Center
Berston Field House
Flint Neighborhoods United
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