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City of Flint Snow Removal Efforts have Cleared Most Major Roads, Work will soon Continue into Residential Areas

February 2, 2015 – The City of Flint is making progress removing snow from roadways in accordance with its Snow & Ice Control Plan. Work to clear roadways, in accordance with the plan, has been in effect since yesterday. The Snow & Ice Control Plan’s target of completion is 72 hours after the end of a storm with approximately 24 hours for primary roads and 48 hours for residential areas, but that timeline is dependent on the volume of snow and whether another event occurs while efforts are already underway.

Many of the major roadways in the city have been made passable and the Department of Public Works anticipates that clearing of residential areas will begin sometime today. The City of Flint reminds residents not to park on the streets in order to give plow crews room to clear the roadways. The residential plan calls for the City to be divided into six areas to be serviced at the same time during a winter weather emergency to allow for citywide coverage. Residents can also expect to see snow removal tractors working in the neighborhoods to clear streets. As city crews continue with these efforts, residents and businesses are encouraged to help out where they can within their neighborhoods.

Sidewalks should be cleared by the property owner.  Clearing of sidewalks by property owners is not only required by ordinance, but will greatly enhance the safety of those who need to use them such as school children and mail carriers. When clearing sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, residents and businesses are reminded to not deposit snow into the streets as this hampers plowing efforts.

Fire hydrants should also be cleared by property owners so they are easily located by firefighters; this will reduce the time spent trying to fight fires and possibly help save lives.  Residents are also asked to help their neighbors with limited mobility such as the elderly and disabled remove snow and improve their accessibility.  Individuals with health conditions are vulnerable to physical injury which can be caused by the extreme cold, the icy conditions and overexertion while shoveling snow.

The City of Flint will continue to provide information on snow removal efforts as it becomes available. These updates can be found in the News and Events section of the City website. Data is being gathered as the work continues in order to provide timely feedback on the Snow & Ice Control Plan’s effectiveness. The plan can also be viewed below:

City of Flint Snow & Ice Control Plan