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City of Flint Service Center to host free estate planning event

The City of Flint is partnering with the Mallory, VanDyne & Scott (MVS) Bar Association to host a free informational presentation for residents on estate planning, wills, and end of life planning at the new City of Flint Service Center on Wednesday, May 1 at 2 p.m. 

The free three-hour presentation will cover topics such as selecting beneficiaries and a personal representative, powers of attorney, selecting guardians for minors, important documents to keep safe, burial wishes, and the differences between a will and a living trust.

Without a will, a power of attorney, or a guardianship chosen, families can find themselves lost in the probate process for a long time. In that time, families might not have access to insurance benefits that could help with funeral costs, and there could be custody battles involving children, among other stressors.

“Without an estate plan, and specifically a will, the laws will determine what happens to your possessions and the courts will decide who gets custody of your minors,”  said Trachelle C. Young, President of MVS Bar Association. “These are decisions every adult and parent should make for themselves.” 

This event is part of Mayor Sheldon Neeley’s commitment to helping residents access financial literacy tools and build generational wealth. This educational opportunity will help residents ensure that their families are not left with the burden of benefits and assets being withheld or delayed.

“I want to thank our great partners at the MVS Bar Association for providing this free resource for Flint families,” Mayor Neeley said. “Estate planning is an important piece of financial literacy and can help Flint families achieve the goal of building generational wealth. This opportunity will help Flint residents to secure their legacy for their children, grandchildren and generations to come. By engaging in estate planning, families can safeguard their assets and ensure they are protected from unnecessary legal processes and costs.”

The City of Flint Service Center is located at 4805 Clio Rd. in front of the Hallwood Plaza. 

After the presentation there will be a question and answer session for those in attendance, followed by advice for those who would like to get started planning their own estate.

This event is informational only. No specific legal advice is being given and no attorney-client relationship is intended to be created in this public forum.