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City of Flint April 18, 2022 Update: Control Station #2 and Secondary Water Pipeline

FLINT, MI — The Department of Public Works began facilitating 95/5 water increment combining/blending to the Genesee County Drain Commission (GCDC) secondary water pipeline on Monday, August 23, 2021. The process of combining the primary and secondary water sources was required to complete necessary repairs to the City’s primary water pipeline.

This process was made in phases over several weeks to ensure the City of Flint’s water treatment plant operators could produce stable water quality at all blend levels. The City is currently at Phase V of the incremental water blend to 100 percent for the secondary water supply.


• The move to the long-term blend of 95/5 will occur on Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

• It will take place in a single step. It will not be necessary to make a gradual transition because it has been shown that Flint’s water distribution system is stable at this 95/5 blend, and that water treatment plant operators have experience in successfully producing this 95/5 blend of water for several weeks before work on the GLWA pipeline began. A Standard Operating Procedure is also in place if it is necessary to change the percent blend in the future.

• Flint’s water will once again flow from the primary water pipeline connection to GLWA at 95 percent and 5 percent to the secondary water pipeline connection to GCDC. This 95/5 blend is to keep the water, pipes, valves and other hardware in the secondary pipeline fresh and ready to use in an emergency.

• Residents and businesses should not experience any changes to their drinking water during the change to the long-term blend.

• MDHHS started collecting water samples during the incremental phases of the blending and will continue to collect samples after the City of Flint returns to the 95/5 blend. Starting in May 2022, MDHHS will complete quarterly water sampling until May 2023. This will help ensure that residents have high-quality water following blend completion. This sampling is in addition to the City of Flint’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) sampling in accordance with Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) standards set by The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) and the Environmental Protection Agency.

All protocols are in adherence with the State of Michigan Safe Drinking Water Act, and the City’s agreement with its primary water supplier, GLWA, will continue to be followed.

Important reminders for residents:

• Visit for the latest updates on Flint’s water infrastructure projects.

• Water monitoring will continue as all major infrastructure projects are completed. Monitoring results are available on the EGLE’s website at

• For water emergencies or issues with water service call (810) 766-7202 [water] and (810) 766-7079 [sewer]. These lines are monitored 24/7.

• For non-emergency questions or concerns, email [email protected]. This email is monitored by DPW department staff.

• Mayor Neeley will continue to provide weekly community updates on WFLT 1420 AM and via Facebook on Saturdays.

The City of Flint will continue to provide residents with updates on water infrastructure projects as information becomes available.

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