City of Flint launches new online tool to make it quick and easy to report streetlight outages

Flint, Michigan—Mayor Sheldon Neeley announced today that the City of Flint has launched a tool to help residents report non-functioning or minimally functioning streetlights throughout the city.

Streetlights serve as both crime deterrents and provide a greater sense of community in neighborhoods — yet for years, residents have expressed concern and frustration over an inability to conveniently report streetlight outages. The online reporting tool was developed to help address this long-standing issue.

“The City of Flint worked to create this solution and to provide better service to the residents of the City of Flint. This is yet another tool to continue to move Flint forward in a positive direction,“ Mayor Sheldon Neeley said.

Making a report is easy. Click on “Report Streetlight Outage” at the City of Flint’s website It is listed under “Online Services” in the top navigation menu and in the left navigation menu.

Developed by Keizzy Anpalagan from the city’s GIS – Department of Planning and Development, the tool allows you to simply search for the address or intersection where the street light is located. Click on the dot representing the problem streetlight to complete the reporting form. When the issue is addressed, the map also is updated with that information.

Consumers Energy maintains and repairs streetlights in the City of Flint while the City of Flint pays for the operating costs and works with Consumers to get all issues addressed.

This new tool also provides the City of Flint with ongoing data to track how long it takes for repairs to be made as well as how many lights are out at any given time.

For more information or assistance using the online streetlight reporting tool, call 810-766-7426, ext. 3027.