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City of Flint forfeits vehicle used for illegal dumping

Mayor Neeley highlights public nuisance vehicle forfeiture ordinance as part of Safe & Clean Summer initiative

FLINT, Mich – The City of Flint is cracking down on blight by going on the offensive with a warning to illegal dumpers: get caught and you will lose your vehicle. In an effort to curb illegal dumping, the City of Flint will not only prosecute those caught dumping illegally, but will also seize any vehicle used for illegal dumping and seek forfeiture of the vehicle.

Last month the City of Flint seized and took forfeiture of a truck used for illegal dumping and will do so again with any vehicle used for that purpose. City of Flint ordinances provide that any vehicle used to facilitate unlawful dumping is a public nuisance and may be forfeited to the City.

This truck was forfeited to the City of Flint after being used for illegal dumping.

Flint Police received a report that a pickup truck was dumping garbage in an empty lot near the intersection of West Pierson Rd. and Laurene St., near Flint Park Lake. Police officers witnessed the pickup towing a trailer filled with garbage and garbage on the surrounding grounds. A suspect was arrested and the vehicle was seized. The City has filed a forfeiture action against the vehicle, which was granted by the Circuit Court on May 21.

“We are preparing for a Safe and Clean Summer in the city of Flint by addressing blight that threatens public safety, public health, and wellbeing in neighborhoods,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “We are sending a message to those harming the community’s well being through acts of public nuisance: if you are caught, the vehicle you used to commit those acts is forfeit and belongs to the City. That is an expensive consequence that should not be taken lightly.”

Per the City’s code of ordinances, any vehicle deemed to be a public nuisance through its use in illegal activity is subject to forfeiture. Vehicles used for illegal dumping are considered a part of that public nuisance, therefore a forfeiture of the vehicle is a way to abate that nuisance. Other public nuisance vehicles can include those used in reckless driving that creates a danger to the public.

Anyone who witnesses individuals engaged in illegal dumping can call Crimestoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL(5245). All callers will remain anonymous. Any tips that come through Crimestoppers which help lead to an arrest of those engaged in illegal dumping are eligible for a cash reward.