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City of Flint August 16, 2021 update: secondary water pipeline

FLINT, Michigan— Officials from the City of Flint Department of Public Works tested the secondary water pipeline for any traces of bacteria over the weekend. This was a necessary step before any incremental water increase in the use of the secondary water pipeline and valve replacement work can begin. 

The secondary water pipeline was flushed for testing on Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15 with no bacteria detected after multiple testing periods. The testing followed all State of Michigan Safe Water Drinking Act protocols and the City’s agreement with its primary water supplier, the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA).

The next steps before the incremental increase to use the Genesee County Drain Commission delivery system as the secondary water supply are as follows:

Estimated Completion: 2 days

  1. Drain a small section of the secondary water pipeline.
  2. Install the flow meter, plus an isolation valve so that the line won’t have to be drained again.
  3. Project officials will review the secondary pipeline Tuesday, August 17 in the morning to determine if water can start running through it in preparation for valve replacement work. 

At this time, the earliest estimated date the 95-5 water increments will take place will be Wednesday, August 18. This means, 95% of the City’s delivery system will be GLWA with 5% coming from GCDC. Later next month, that percentage ratio will start to increase until the GCDC water delivery system is at 100% in order for valve replacement work to start on the primary water pipeline.

Additional monitoring also will take place during the incremental increase, valve replacement work on the primary water delivery system (GLWA) and during all other major infrastructure projects. Monitoring results are posted on the EPA’s “Taking Action on Flint Water” website at

Mayor Neeley will continue to provide weekly community updates on WFLT and Facebook on Saturdays. He also is hosting Ward by Ward tours throughout the community updating residents on a variety of topics including the current water infrastructure projects. Informational meetings and open public comment will also continue to be scheduled for ongoing and future water infrastructure projects. 

Infrastructure project updates can also be found on the City of Flint’s “Progress Report on Flint Water” webpage at

Important reminder for residents: If you have a water emergency or issue with your service, please call (810) 766-7202 for water and (810) 766-7079 for sewer. This line is monitored 24 hours a day to respond to problems. 

Residents with non-emergency questions or concerns can email [email protected]. This email is monitored by the DPW department and they are happy to assist.