City Hall mourns the passing of Neighborhood Safety Officer Paul Forster

“We have lost another hero to this deadly disease. Paul Forster, one of the City of Flint’s Neighborhood Safety Officers, passed this morning from COVID-19. Paul helped to serve this city at the ground level, fighting blight and making our community a better place. We will miss him dearly,” Mayor Sheldon Neeley said. “I ask this community to join me in keeping his wife and children in our prayers.”

NSO Forster’s family gave permission for news of his death to be shared publicly.

He is the first person employed by the City of Flint who is known to have died from coronavirus and one of three individuals who are known to have been positively diagnosed. Both Officer Forster and the other two individuals diagnosed were quarantined more than 14 days ago.

Mayor Neeley has ordered City of Flint flags lowered to half-staff in recognition of all of the city’s lost heroes.