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City Crews Making Repairs to 12 Inch Water Main Break in Area of Clio Road and Stewart Avenue

 UPDATE: All water main repairs have been completed, but road repair work will need to begin next week to allow the roadway to dry.

The City of Flint’s Utilities Department is informing residents that a 12 inch water main break in the area of Clio Road and Stewart Avenue caused significant water flow on the roadway. City crews were able to decrease the flow of water while an assessment of the severity of damage is undertaken. Repairs are currently in progress and may result in residents in the area experiencing diminished service such as low or no pressure and/or discolored water as sediment in the system is stirred while work takes place. While the water is still safe to use, running the water from the tap for a few minutes should clear the line of any discoloration or odor.

The City of Flint Water Department will make every effort to flush the lines of discolored water before service is returned. Service should return to normal once work is completed. Anyone with questions about the water valve work or any other water issues should call 810-766-7202. Continuing updates on this and other water system work can be found online on the Water page