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Cher Visits with Flint Mayor and Workers at Water Distribution Site

November 1, 2016 (FLINT, Mich)– Legendary singer and actress Cher visited the City of Flint Monday, October 31. Since January, Cher has been very outspoken about the Flint water crisis. She’s donated more than 180,000 bottles of clean water to help residents still dealing with the ongoing effects of the man-made water disaster.  

While in the city, Cher met with Mayor Karen Weaver along with workers, volunteers and community leaders at one of the water resource sites where residents can go to receive free water supplies including bottled water, filters and at-home water test kits.

“As we continue to fight for the resources the City of Flint needs to recover from this water crisis it’s so important that we keep our story out there,” said Mayor Weaver. “We want people and leaders across the country to know that residents of Flint still can’t drink their water straight from the tap, without a filter. Cher has been a true supporter and advocate for us and we thank and appreciate her for that.”