Mayor's Office

Certified Mayoral Candidates for the Aug. 6, 2019 Election Ballot

Four residents of the City of Flint have been officially certified by the City Clerk’s office as candidates for the upcoming Mayoral primary election. Their names, which are as follows, will appear on the August 6, 2019, election ballot.

Candidate Name/Address

  1. Gregory Eason, 1534 S. Franklin Ave., Flint;
  2. Sheldon Neeley, 2305 Begole St., Flint;
  3. Don Pfeiffer, 2214 Radcliffe Dr., Flint; and
  4. Karen Weaver, 1311 Woodlawn Park Dr., Flint.

Each certified mayoral candidate submitted nominating petitions with sufficiency of valid signatures signed by at least 600 registered voters of the City of Flint as required by the new Flint City Charter.