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Briar Hill Boil Water Advisory LIFTED

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Flint, Mich. – The City of Flint Director of Public Works, Rob Bincsik, reported Friday that crews have completed repairs on a water main break that triggered a Boil Filtered Water Advisory Wednesday afternoon for water customers in the Briar Hill area.

“The break has been fixed and we have received satisfactory results from samples collected showing the water is now safe to use without boiling first,” said Bincsik.

The water main break occurred at Briar Hill between Westwood Parkway and Parkside Drive. A crew responded at around 3am Wednesday morning to “throttle” the water main to limit damage and restore pressure outside of the block where the water main is broken. 

Residents are advised to change filter cartridges prior to use.  Again, the situation has been resolved and the Boil Filtered Water Advisory for the Briar Hill area has been lifted.

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