IP Telephone System

Bid Due Date: Due Date: 09/27/2018 Under Review by City of Flint Cross Functional Team, Once Prices are Fully Reviewed and Understood they will be Published. Target Result No Later than End of Nov 2018. Suppliers Who Quoted. 1.- CBTS 2.- TELNET GROUP 3.- CTI 4.- BSB COMMUNICATION 5.- TELNET WW (DISQUALIFIED)- PLEASE SEE NOTE 1 AT THE END). 6.- VERIZON 7.- CHOICE TEL 8.- FRONTIER COMMUNICATION. NOTE 1 : SUPPLIER HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED FOR THIS COMPETITION AS DID NOT PROVIDE NOTARIZED BID BOND AND NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT.
Bid Status: Bid Results
Bid Number: 19-007