Agreement Reached for Waste Collection Services in Flint

October 21, 2016  (FLINT, Mich) — A tentative agreement has been officially reached in the dispute over waste collection services in the City of Flint. As of Friday morning the matter has been amicably resolved and upon approval by the Receivership Transition Advisory Board, the Mayor, City Council and Genesee County Court agree that the case (#16-107434 ) will be dismissed with prejudice.

“This agreement will give Flint residents what I’ve been fighting for all along and that’s the best service possible, at the lowest cost possible,” said Mayor Weaver.

City officials have extended a one year contract to Republic Services. During this period, Republic will agree to collect waste in Flint for the same price as offered by Rizzo Environmental Services.  Furthermore, Republic will agree to provide solid waste collection services equal to those specified in the bid proposal submitted by Rizzo.

 “This has been a long process and I’m glad it’s just about over,” said Weaver. “But most of all, I’m glad we are going to be saving the citizens and the City of Flint money without compromising the quality of service provided.”

Mayor Weaver thanks the residents of Flint for their patience and understanding during this negotiation process. Now that this matter is nearly resolved, she and her team look forward to continuing the progress being made in the City of Flint and will soon announce the start of phase three of the FAST Start pipe replacement initiative where lead-tainted pipes will be removed and replaced at hundreds more homes in Flint.