Mayor's Office

Administration takes action to resolve three urgent matters of public health, safety, and welfare

September 15, 2023

Statement from Flint City Administrator Clyde Edwards
We are deeply troubled by city council’s failure to complete the city’s business, both at their regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 11 and after two special meetings were called by the administration and then by the city council on Sept. 14. We called a special meeting on Sept. 14 for the purpose of resolving time-sensitive matters that impact the public health, safety, and welfare of Flint residents. After the council again failed to act, the administration was forced to take steps to ensure that Flint residents did not suffer as a result, and we have done so within the boundaries of the law as allowed by city ordinance.

We will ensure that emergency repairs are made to the Water Pollution Control influent chamber to eliminate threats to public health. We will ensure that hazardous lead paint is removed from homes where the health of young families is threatened. Homelessness is a dire public health and safety concern, and we will ensure that homeless families have the resources they need.