Mayor Weaver Sends Thoughts and Prayers to Those Affected by Devastating Storms

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(FLINT, Mich)— Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement today to show support for those dealing with the effects of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey:    

“On what is already a somber day in our country, our thoughts and prayers go out to the residents and first responders in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and beyond today. The reports of destruction caused by the winds, rain and flooding is tragic. As we in Flint continue working to recover from a man-made disaster, we know first-hand it will take a lot of help and support to get things back on track in all the areas affected recently by severe weather. It is my hope that this will spark conversation and proactive action to address infrastructure and climate change issues.      

Many reached out to support Flint in our time of need, now we are trying to determine how we can return the favor. We hope to have more information on that soon. But for now, know that we are thinking of you all during this challenging time.”

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Kristin Moore is the Public Information/Communications Director for the City of Flint. She spent years working as a TV news reporter and anchor in and outside of Michigan. A Flint native, Kristin is excited to now be part of the team working to move Flint forward!
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