Flint Officials Take Additional Steps to Complete Water Service Turn-ons Sooner

(Flint, Mich)— Flint officials informed media this week that although staff at the Water Service Center, like many City departments, is stretched thin completing turn-on orders for water service is a priority.

“City crews have been working long hours to complete a number of jobs including water turn-ons due to short staffing,” said Water Service Center Supervisor Rob Bincsik. “We have several different projects underway in Flint and crews are working seven days a week to keep up with the demands of the FAST Start pipe replacement program, cut and plugs for Land Bank properties, and scheduled orders.”
To help expedite the completion of turn-on services throughout the City of Flint officials have made additional scheduling adjustments to meet residents’ needs.

“We had to delay some repair work that needs to be done and assigned those crews to complete turn-ons instead,” said Mayor Weaver. “We don’t want people to be without water especially if they’ve done everything needed to activate water services. We’ve talked with our representatives in Customer Service and they have started rescheduling the new application turn-ons.”
Representatives contacted customers and rescheduled turn-on service for as early as Thursday and Friday of this week for the customers who were available.

“I want to thank our City employees for their continued hard work and dedication,” said Mayor Weaver. “I’d also like to thank the residents of Flint for their patience and understanding.”