Mayor Weaver Responds to Findings of Independent Investigation

June 13, 2016 (Flint) – Flint’s Chief Legal Officer and an Independent Investigator addressed the media Monday morning to present the findings of an independent investigation into the allegations made regarding unethical conduct by the Mayor. Attorney Brendon Basiga (independent investigator) stated that allegations made by the former City Administrator that the Mayor directed an employee to deposit donations sent to the City of Flint to help with the water crisis into a different account were false.  Stacy Erwin Oakes (Chief Legal Officer) revealed that the checks sent to the city were never deposited into any account, and in fact were still in the city’s finance department. Mayor Weaver who denied the accusations from the start said she was glad to have the truth come out.

“I am so glad the independent investigation is complete and clears me and my staff of any wrongdoing regarding donations sent to the City of Flint,” commented Mayor Weaver. “As I said before, I thought it was absolutely awful to have allegations made like that especially while the city is going through this kind of crisis and in need of financial resources and financial support. To put that kind of cloud over us is really, really sad.”

Meanwhile, as this independent investigation was taking place some contracts of City of Flint employees were called into question. Upon further review, Flint’s Chief Legal Officer and City Administrator advised several employees that their employment contracts, known as Terms of Employment, are considered invalid. City officials discovered some contracts were signed by the former City Administrator in January, but they were not approved and co-signed by Mayor Weaver as required by Emergency Manager Order No. 3.  The employees were informed that to the extent the contracts purported to change their employment status, compensation, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment, that those changes are invalid. Mayor Weaver said she became aware of the contracts just recently.

“It was disappointing to learn that employee’s contracts were changed and signed without my knowledge or consent while I was serving as Mayor. That’s why I think it’s important to have your own team in place. I’m glad to know the current Chief Legal Officer has rectified the matter. We will continue our work to move the City of Flint forward and make decisions we feel will benefit the citizens of Flint.”