Flint Police Department Welcomes Newest K-9 Team to its Ranks

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The City of Flint Police Department is proud to announce that it now has a second K-9 team on the job. Flint Police Officer Andrew “Andy” Grocholski and his new K-9 Partner Sonitrol (named for the company sponsoring the dog) have graduated the Oakland Police K-9 Academy and are now in service with the department. The training of Officer Grocholski, the purchase of the police dog and his equipment were done through the Flint Police foundation with donations from Sonitrol Security Systems as well as many donations from the public. A benefit concert was held in June at the Machine Shop in Flint to raise money for a second K-9 unit.

Officer Andrew Grocholski and K-9 Sonitrol

Officer Andrew Grocholski and K-9 Sonitrol

Officer Grocholski and K-9 partner Sonitrol will join Officer Boismier and his partner Edo in their mission helping to search for articles, searching for suspects and tracking people. K-9 units can typically cost upwards of $10,000 in initial procurement and training, as well as $100 per month for ongoing animal care. Along with purchasing the dog, costs include the training for both handler and dog, specialized gear and patrol car outfitting, veterinary medical care and food.

Food is also being donated by the Doogie’s Dollar pet store in Davison. Sonitrol, through the Flint Police Foundation, has agreed to cover the ongoing costs of both dogs equipment.  K-9 Officer Sonitrol was raised and bought from a breeder in Southeastern Michigan and trained with his partner Ofc. Grocholski in Oakland County.


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Kristin Moore is the Public Information/Communications Director for the City of Flint. She spent years working as a TV news reporter and anchor in and outside of Michigan. A Flint native, Kristin is excited to now be part of the team working to move Flint forward!
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